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The Koning Glove


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Please note that we are still shipping on preorders and that delivery time therefore will take longer than normal. Black gloves are currently not available for backorders due to high demand. Please also note that due to Maestro card banking restrictions, we cannot accept payments with Maestro cards. If you have a Maestro card, please contact us.

The size is a size 10 or medium, and fits most hand sizes.

The Koning glove is a reimagined fencing glove with a classical look, which embodies the arts we are reviving. It is made with care to detail, and from the best materials available. The leather in the glove are a supple goat and sheepskin for great movement and feel, with a vegetable tanned cow leather side for the upper part. Both leathers are from European animals and produced in Europe in accordance with strict environmental standards.

Inside the Koning there is a thick hard shell cover that takes the brunt of the force of the blows. Underneath that, we have a special lamination of soft padding materials for the best energy absorption possible.

The Koning glove is currently available in three colours; cognac with a dark green felt, black with an egg white felt, and burgundy with an egg white felt. The design is made to allow movement of fingers, and it draws from a classical European heritage, using quatrefoil as decoration on the floating cuff that protects the wrist. The glove has also been reinforced with double leather in especially exposed areas, such as across the palm, the inside of the thumb, and the side of the index finger. The slit across the knuckles provides improved movement.

The Koning is suitable for heavy drilling, competing and sparring with such weapons as longsword, backsword, single sword, and sabre.

The name of the glove, the Koning, comes from the King of the Franco-Belgian fencing guilds. Whoever won the guilds tournament was named Koning and earned special priviliges for that year, if someone became Koning for three consecutive years they were named emperors, Kaisers, and earned those priviliges for life.

The Koning is approved for competition at all HEMA tournaments, including Swordfish, Longpoint, the Nordic League, the Swedish National Championships etc.

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Black with white felt, Burgundy with white felt, Cognac with dark green felt