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Merry Christmas and an order status update.

We are now on order 2687.

If you have an earlier order no. and have not received a note that your order is complete it is because your order is listed as “cancelled” or “pending payment” in our list. As always, we will contact you individually to process your orders.

If you know that your order has this status to speed things up you can place a new order and include a note with your original order number, most likely your order number will go through (we got alot of cancels and pending payments early on due to order overload and us being a new webshop, often banks are hesitant to allow transactions until the webshop is established to be reputable).

We might also have had to skip you temporarily since we ran out of Cognac colored Konings in November and are right now shipping out Burgundy.

Several of you have already asked to change your order into black color, this possibility is still open and might even result in faster shipment, as we are awaiting a larger shipment of black gloves to arrive before we get more cognac and burgundy gloves. Please email us or send a message over facebook with name and order number if you want to make this change. In early-mid January we will get cognac and burgundy leather again.

The holidays means shipping as well as message and email response will slow down as Axel is going home up north to see his family and Anders will be busy celebrating with his family and relatives in Gothenburg. Most likely our suppliers will be slower than usual as well.

God Jul och Gott Nytt år,
Axel & Anders.

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Koning glove in a complex hilt

See the Köning gloves in action in this video from last weekends Bolognese Open in Helsinki Finland where St Mark co owner Axel Pettersson took silver after an intense bout with Ilkka Hartikainen. In this video Axel is wearing the Köning gloves and fences with a sidesword from Peter Regenyei that features finger rings and knuckle guard.

In the near future we will publish a short video of “mr Sidesword” himself, Ilkka Hartikainen, doing a florysh while wearing the Köning glove to showcase the maneuverability of the glove while using a sidesword with complex hilt.