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Answers to a few common questions

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the Koning glove, so here are a few answers to the most frequent ones.

How much will they cost?

We don’t know exactly what the price will end up being, but it will be somewhere around €200.

What colours will they be available in?

We are looking at providing the Koning glove in several colours, but it is unlikely we will be able to do that from the start. A lot of people ask about black gloves specifically, and black is absolutely on the table.

When will they be ready?

We can’t give you an exact date, because it depends on our suppliers. As soon as we have an exact date we will let you know, but it will be this winter.

Will it come in different sizes?

Yes, we are looking to provide it in different sizes, but we can’t do that from the start. The first size will fit an average male hand, around size 9-11.

What about protection?

The Koning glove has been built for full contact sparring with steel swords. It is however good to remember that no glove can offer full protection against all hits and maintain mobility. The Koning glove offers good protection on all parts generally exposed to hits, including the side of the pinky and index fingers, as well as the fingertips. Still, the best way to not get injured is to not get hit.

Can I preorder?

We will open up for preorders when we have an exact date for production from our suppliers. Payment will not be go through until we have shipped your order.

Will there be more products to come?

Yes, we have a long list of products, some of which are almost ready for production. We will start production of them as soon as we have enough circulation of the gloves to fund it.

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Ties Kool doing a strike test

Ties Kool is one of the best fencers and most athletic guys in HEMA. His fencing skills are great, and he also has the ability to generate a lot of power. Now, we filmed this indoors, so movement was restricted, we just wanted to show you that the Koning glove can take a hit, and it has protection on the sides as well.

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The Koning Glove

The Koning Glove from St Mark will soon be here, ready for purchase in our shop. It is a glove that is made specifically for Historical European Martial Arts–HEMA–and classical fencing. The glove protects your hands when sparring and competing with heavier weapons in Historical Fencing; such as longsword, sabre, or single sword.

About the name

The Koning, or King, was the winner of the competitions held by the Franco-Belgian fencing guilds in the 15th century. He sat in the guild’s ruling council for one year and had the right to speak first at their meetings.

Stay updated

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To all the people who have helped us…

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to a lot of people who have helped us get started. Starting a company like this from scratch is a daunting task, and it has taken us over five years and countless prototypes to release our first product. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these people.


Roger Norling – for helping us set up the site. Bring him your business at

Kaarina Hannula – For helping us with prototype leather work

Emil Sivertsson – A tailor and true gentleman who helped us with several early prototypes.

Uno Landberg – Legendary master tailor.

Elin Kristell – For 3D modeling

Jonas Käpää – For 3D modeling

Joachim Harryson – For helping us with 3D scans and 3D printing

Karl Holmqvist – For logo and art work (see more of his work in this post: Karl Holmqvist – The man behind the logo). This man is exceptionally talented and skilled.

Pentti Kangasmää – For help with contacts and development issues

Vincent Wendén – Bookkeeping

Fredrik Andersson and Anton Bolin at Almi – Almi is a government funded business advising agency. Thank you, Fredrik and Anton, for advice, funding, and patience.

Stig Olsson – Inventor and general nice guy for helping us with contacts

Kaasper Aase at Purple Scout – One of GHFS’ students and owner of various companies, helped us with the webshop.

Pelle Röjfors – Art Director at DigitasLBi, founder of Kött FC, BJJ instructor, helped us with photography.

A very special, extra thank you to Andreas ben Salem for his long-term dedication to help us with financial advice, application for funding, market plan, getting through the red tape, and much, much more.

We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to our families for putting up with our late meetings, our tunnel vision, and incessant talk about every possible solution and detail. Thank you!

St Mark


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Karl Holmqvist – The artist behind the logo

Since we started planning and creating St Mark we’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented people. Without them we would never have been able to reach our vision for this company. One of these people is the man behind the logo, our good friend, Karl Holmqvist.

Karl Holmqvist

Karl is a freelance artist and illustrator and if you are in need of artwork he is the man to turn to. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Information Design (Illustration) from Mälardalen University, and also received a classical art education at Florence Academy – one of the few remaining schools of its kind.

At St Mark we can’t praise and recommend this man enough. Go to his website at We’ll let our logo and some of Karl’s artwork speak for themselves.

Ae St Mark done

Karl Holmqvist




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It’s time to rediscover tradition

It has been a long road for all of us to get here, but we believe the time has come for premium fencing equipment.

Our journey with St Mark began with the realisation that historical fencers deserve products designed specifically for them. But there is more to it than that–our equipment and clothes should live up to the honourable fencing arts that we pursue. It’s not enough to reduce pain or bruising, the equipment must be beautiful, functional and safe. It’s time historical fencers are offered clothes, gear and weaponry of the highest quality and of the very best design, steeped in love for fencing. We are proud of our heritage, and it should show in how we present ourselves.

So, we decided to make them.

St Mark will never aim for anything but the highest quality, and we will only use the very best materials. Our designs will be traditional, and we will pick up on older fencing and equipment styles and adapt them to today’s needs.

We hope that you will join us in this journey to rediscover tradition, and to find a path into the future as we revive these wonderful lost arts.


St Mark